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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 28, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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there's something that i personally decided i just can't stand for what this represents right now. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is speaking for the first time tonight defending his choice to sit out the national anthem. good evening, i'm eric thomas. thank you for joining us. >> that boycott of the anthem has touched off a national controversy. abc news spoke with kaepernick and some of his teammates today. this is his story. >> this country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all, and it's not happening for all right now. >> niners quarterback colin
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kaepernick breaking his silence big nighting a firestorm of controversy. >> the fact that it has blown up like this is a good thing. it brings awareness. >> sports and politics collided when kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem before preseason games. he says to highlight black oppression in the u.s. >> i can't look in the mirror and see other people dying on the street that should have the same opportunities that i've had and say, you know what, i can live with myself because i can't if i just watch. >> kaepernick says police brutality against people of color must stop. he says he experienced that firsthand in college while moving out of an apartment. >> because we either only black theme that neighborhood. the cops got called. >> the quarterback knows he's got fierce critics, but says his stand is not meant to insult the u.s. military. >> i have great respect for men and women that fought for this country. >> other players respect kaepernick's right to free speech. >> colin has a right, you know, to do whatev he wants to do and is valued to his opinion,
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you know. we're focused on keeping this team together. >> we support every player in his right to be a man and have an opinion. >> kaepernick knows his actions could have consequences, fine that means getting cut from the team or lose endorsement deals. he says his silent protest won't stop. >> i'll continue to sit and i'll continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed to. me this is something that has to change. >> kaepernick says his activist stance is just beginning. >> and you can watch colin kaepernick's interview in its entirety on our website the top story on our site and click on the raw video link and watch it on our abc 7 news app. we have an interview to the link on the home page. download it for free through the app store. walnut creek police made an arrest in connection with a shooting outside a popular sports bar. 24-year-old larry griffin was taken into custody at his bay point home at 5:30 this
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afternoon. griffin will be charged with the murder of 38-year-old courtney brown who was fatally shot after a confrontation outside crowingan's sports bar. brown leaves behind two daughters. developing news from the peninsula. an investigation is under way after a chp shot a man who said was threatening him with a knife. officers responded to a call about a man walking on highway 1011 in belmont. chp say he refused to get off the road and they used a taser on whim no effect. >> the pedestrian produced a knife and raised it over his head and began to make a thrusting motion towards one of the chp officers. >> the suspect was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive. one officers fired the shots. no officers were injured. >> police believe alcohol might have been a factor in a fatal accident that ended with a car crashing i a san leandro school. a car sped off the roadway at
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callen and bancroft avenues around 5:30. the kia finally stopped when it plowed into the gymnasium at the banoff middle school. >> at that particular roadway there's a "t" intersection where the road they were travelin on continues into another roadway. they continued straight on to the school property which led them to collide into the wall. >> the driver died at the scene and the passengers both survived. both women are being treated at the hospital. another fatal crash early today in fremont. the two-vehicle intersection happened at the washington boulevard on ramp at around 6:30 this morning. the victim was found lying on the shoulder of the road. lanes of 680 were closed for nearly three hours. fire damaged the public storage center? san jose. some 60 firefighters battled the flames last night at the public storage facility on felipe avenue near 101 and 680. one firefighter suffered minor injuries and is expected to be
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okay. crews say flames quickly spread to the second floor and to several units. 10 to 15 units were damage the. no word yet on the cause. tonight the santa clara county judge at the center of the stanford sexual assault cases is under for a for yet another controversial sentencing. this one involving a prominent young actress. >> reporter: tonight another sentence by the judge under the microscope. a year before he handed brock turner in jail he heard the case of a college football player for another school charged with beating his ex-girlfriend. the judge agreed to delay a sentencing a year and reduce the felony charge if he went to counseling so he could play. >> obviously it could affect his entire future. >> reporter: he didn't have to check in with a probation
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officer. >> higy improper for this judge. >> reporter: gunderson dropped out of school and quit counseling, since then one more arrest for misdemeanor assault and the judge is not commenting tonight and he decided only to handle civil cases now. critics say that's not enough. >> we're going to have to continue to go forward with the recall in orde to ensure that he's no longer a judge. >> gunderson did end up serving jail time for beating his ex-girlfriend. he has had a court date this week for the other arrest. meantime brock turner is expected to be released from jail friday after serving half of his six-month sentence. turning to politics now. republican presidential candidate donald trump is returning to the bay area for a pair of fund-raisers, first rally since one in san jose that turned violent. trump is expected to attend a $25,000 per person fund-raiser somewhere on the peninsula. he'll then head to another fund-raising event in napa.
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both events are private, open to donors only. trump's planned bay area swing is followed by a visit by hillary clinton. donors paid up wards of $33 for a meet and greet with clinton at bay area events. dozens of people held a sit-in today to take a stand against gun violence. abc 7 news was at the unitarian church in san mato for this event organized by congresswoman jackie spear who was motivated but last year's killing of nine people at a church bible study in charleston, south carolina. her goal is to get congress to vote on closing a loophole that prevents people from going through gun background checks. she also wants to prevent people on the not-fly list from buying guns and the ban on assault weapons that are commonly used in mass shoot >> to make the church. you should be able to go to a
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church. should be able to go to a school, to a dance club and not fear for your life. >> spear hopes to do more sit-ins like this throughout san mateo and splice co. coming up at 9:00, oakland's search for a new top cop will soon enter a new phase. what the city is going to announce tomorrow about the department's leadership. and claims of excessive force after officers pepper sprayed an 84-year-old woman. how police are defending their actions, and grown operators take note. strict rules taking effect tomorrow about what you'll need to do before taking to the skies. >> partly cloudy skies on the peninsula. sfo 60s degrees and fog is slow to move across the bay tonight. i'll have a look at a pretty nice looking monday and a chance of dry lightning heading your way. that's coming up. comfort food...
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oakland will formally launch its search for a new police chief tomorrow. the mayor, city administrator and oakland residents will gather at city hall to make the official announcement. in june deputy chief david downing was named new assistant chief following a massive shake-up after the chief resigned amid a sexual misconduct scandal involving his officers. downing became the fifth officer to head the department in a few weeks and is set to retire in a few months. residents in one oklahoma community are criticizing one police officer's actions after he pepper sprayed an 84-year-old woman. body cameras captured the entire incident. officers were frying to arrest the woman's son for a drunk driving stop sign violation. the 84-year-old woman is sprayed by officers when she tried to intervene in the arrest. officers detained her but eventually let her go.
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her son was also tased by officers. the police chief did not condemn the pepper spraying and says the video did not tell the entire story about what officers encountered. major new rules are set to go into effect tomorrow for people who fly drones for fun and for work. the new rules will require most drone operators to get a remote pilot operating certificate by passing online tests and obtaining security clearances. the rules ease restrictions from most commercial operations but for hobbyists most will be required to get the same license issued to operators. breaking the new law comes with a hefty fine of up to $11,100 per violation. coming up on 9:00, making a difference in the lives of children stricken with chronic illnesses. ahead, the bay area nonprofit that's offering the gift of camp to very courageous young people and a warmer end of the weekend and how is the
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workweek forecast shaping up? a look at the accuweather forecast coming up next. colin kaepernick meeting with the media for the first time since refusing to stand for the national anthem and joe panik never thought he'd pull
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hundreds of people celebrated the work being done to brighten the lives of children facing deadly diseases and other challenges. ♪ >> abc 7 news was in livermore for the taylor family foundation's day in the park and raises money for camp arroyo. meteorologist mike nico urged donors to give at today's auction. >> i just think we're going to get warmed up.
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they are going to get love and they need to be replaced. >> abc 7 news dan ashley and several members of our work family were also there. 3,000 family attend the camp every queer. the camp serves kids facing life-threatening diseases and other challenges. >> lots of sunshine today from the coast and the warm 80s return inland. right now live doppler showing some fog moving into the peninsula, and it's going to be slow to move across the bay, but it will, and we'll look for the morning low clouds and nothing, but this feature here in the pacific northwest will be impacting our weather late tomorrow with breezy winds and by tuesday this is going to interact with a little more moisture here from a dying tropical storm that could bring us some dry lightning and maybe in the north bay and maybe around the coastal sections and that, of course, means high fire danger so an incoming system that also initiates a bit of change in the atmosphere going from one month
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feeling a bit more like autumn. 59 in san francisco and 65 in san fran. looking at low clouds making a comeback for the morning hours and possible dry lightning that could ignite fires anywhere but potentially in the north bay and easy transition from august to september with more pleasant temperatures. 60 in livermore and san jose overnight lows from the upper 50s across the bay. mid-50s in napa and we'll be looking at the fog really past the 11:00 hour as it continues to spread into marin, san mateo and then after midnight it goes across the bay waking up to gray sky and high clouds will enter the picture tomorrow so by the afternoon we'll see partly cloudy skies and then into tuesday, that day when things could get a little interesting around here, numbers still on he warm side, partly cloudy and
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a slight dip come wednesday and then a look at thursday really not much of a change with temperatures holding steady, so highs in the south bay tomorrow ranging from the upper mid-80s i should say in gilroy and upper 70s, santa clara 70 degrees and upper 60s downtown. in the north bay you'll notice more low 80s and a few high clouds in the afternoon. look for 77 in vallejo and near east bay sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s again from oakland to heyward. heading inland, some 80s that should feel pretty good. mid-80s in concord and 848 in livermore. the seven-day forecast featuring numbers from the 60s and partly cloudy tomorrow to the mid-80s and morning drizzle. afternoon, the winds kick up, especially along the coast and the potential for dry lightning here and then notice mid-80s inland and mid-70s around the bay and september arrives and it still feels pretty pleasant from august to september. still three weeks of summer to go.
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well, the giants and madison bumgarner took care of the braves today but remain two back of the dodgers in the west. every game from here on out is huge and joe panik took that to heart today. the mascot lucille is looking for the field. can you help me, guys? joe panik hit his first home run on thursday in two months and double that tonight. 2-1 giants. fourth inning hit had a two-run shot. panik 3 for 4 and four rbi, tenth home run of the year and first multi-homer game as a prompt same inning, once again giants going over the right field wall and span's turn. four home runs and 18 hits on the way to a 13-4 victory. dodgers win over the cubs and the g-men still two back. top first in st. louis, chris davis, see ya. with two outs. drills one off jamie hernandez, his 34th of the year.
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2-0 a's. steven soephen vogt leading the with four rbi. 11th of the year to give oakland a 5-1 lead which was plenty of support for andrew triggs who picked up his first win. struck out eight. a's win it, 7-4 the final. little league world series championship game between new york and south korea. two outs and two on, top six, ryan hartzlov went the distance and the eights strikeout toned the game. they become the first american team to win since 2011 and first team from new york to win since 1964. 2-1 the final. after refusing to stand for the national anthem friday night colin kaepernick addressed his teammates in a player only meeting and then the media for 18 minutes. he has the right to the sit or stand during the anthem and his refusal to stand, according to kap, was for the people of color who don't have a platform to
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make a difference like he does. his timing many was questionable and said today he will not stand the rest of the year during the anthem. >> i have great respect for men and women who have fought for this country. i have friends and family who have fought for this country and they fight for freedom. they fight for the people and fight for liberty and justice for everyone, and that's not happening. the fact that it has blown up like this, i think is aood thing. it brings awareness. everybody knows what's going on and this sheds more light on it. someone that's holding a curling iron has more education and more training than people that have a gun and are going out on the streets to protect us. no, i don't see it as a distraction. i think it's something that can unify this team and something that can unify this country. if we had these real conversations that are uncomfortable for a lot of people, if we had these conversations there's a better understanding where both sides are coming, from and if we reach
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common ground and can understand what everybody is going through, we can really affect change and make sure that everybody is being treated equally and has the same freedom. >> playoffs at the bar clerics rickie fowler was 1 under on the front nine and 4 over on the back including a doibl double bogey here on 16 to knock him out. he was 3 over on the day. patrick reed needed a win to take over first place in the standings. fifth hole, chips in for birdie to put him at 9 under despite bogeys on 16 and here on 18. reed hangs on to win the bar craze by a stroke at 9 under par. nascar sprint cup series in michigan. kyle larson came into the race without a victory and was also outside the chase for the cup and today he'll take the checkered flack for the first time in his career. 13th driver to win this season guaranteeing one. 16 spots in the playoffs which starts in three weeks. now are the niners willing to deal with the consequences good or bad sitting through every week and this play on the
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field mike make the
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we are monitoring breaking news from los angeles international airport where there's a large police response to one of the terminals there. we believe terminal 7, a united airlines terminal. these are live pictures. the airport police department says there is an unconfirmed report of a shooting. officers are going through the terminal right now searching the entire airport. so far they have found no shooting victims and no shooter. this is not a confirmed report. police are trying to check this out and determine whether it is a confirmed report of a shooter. anyway, we'll bring the latest on nbc 7 as they warrant. an arrest in the murder of a far outside of a bar in walnut
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creek. abc 7 breaks the news to the victim's sister and new details on donald trump's trip to the bay area tomorrow, first since the outbreak of violence outside one of his rallies in san jose. abc 7 news was in san francisco's ghiradelli square where the online marketplace etsy had a pop-up store. dozens of crafts people met their customers face to face and buyers enjoyed some hard to find items. >> knew i should have brought you presents. >> next weekend. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on channel 7. we will see you there.
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(techno music) - [voiceover] it's the michelle meow show. your a to z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in-between. (techno music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in-between show. tonight we have two incredible guests who will be here to talk about their own personal journey and their stories. ken jones is a longtime lgbtq activist right here in san francisco whose personal story is being told through the abc miniseries that will feature in 2017 called when we rise, and it's written by dustin lance black. we also have rhodessa jones of cultural odyssey. she's also the media director of the medea project, a theater project for incarcerated women. before we get to the interviews, though, let's check in with what people are saying


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